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Glass is solid – yet fragile; dense – yet fluid. It transcends the concrete world and the world of light. The more you know of glass art, the more you will be fascinated by it’s beauty.

Welcome to Lu Chi Glass. These contemporary glass sculptures will take you on a spiritual journey with Lu Chi, as she materializes her artistic vision.

Visit her online Studio, where you can explore the unusual technique she employs, and how she brings out the beauty, mystery, and dangers of her medium. In Lu Chi’s glass art, you will see her inspiration and passion for life.

The material of glass now plays in the world of fine art. As a pioneer of the Chinese contemporary glass art, Lu Chi using glass to capture the dance of light and shadow, frozen the flowing colors at the moment, and let the form carry her spiritual meaning of the art. The strong literary quality and abstract character of her sculpture approach multiple layers of meaning about life, nature, culture, history and so on. Read more stories about Lu Chi’s works at the Gallery.

Lu Chi calls her elegant jewelry, wearable glass sculpture. The sculptor reduces her large glass works into exquisite miniatures. Except for the size and weight, those wearable mini sculptures keep the color, form, texture and spirit of the larger pieces. This may change people’s ingrained ideas about jewelry. It’s more than just something beautiful for adornment on the surface. Lu Chi’s jewelry touches our spirit.  Her mini sculptures carry the same information as the larger pieces. Because they are wearable and touchable, their very presence brings calming energy into the sphere of our daily life, healing the soul. Visit Work+Shop to know more about Lu Chi’s Wearable Glass Sculptures.




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