Here is a fine collection of Lu Chi’s glass sculpture, highlighting the important works she created in the past 17 years. As the 1st generation glass artist in China, she has grown up with Chinese contemporary glass art, which now is beginning to be understood in a historical context. Those pieces, made at different times, will show you how she developed her own art vocabulary, step-by-step.

Amougst Clouds                           45.5x39x11.5cm                                2017

Four Seasons Of Swiss Alps        33x96x19cm&16x60x10cm            2017

Bohemian Night in Prague        88x57x14.5cm&70.5x61x15cm       2017

Bora Bora on Honeymoon                   54.5x84x18cm                         2017

Golden Era                                     35.5×30.5x11cm                               2016

Glass Journey is Lu Chi’s new series. The inspirations are from all her journeys around the world. Each piece symbolizes a glimpse of the journey’s spirit. Starting this series in 2011, she decided not to use any helpers during the whole working process. For the artist, working by herself on all the steps needed to create a glass sculpture is equivalent to traveling on foot. It allows her to deeply enjoy her glass journey.

The artist uses the medium of glass to capture her experience of life in the huge metropolis of Shanghai. Lu Chi wrote down poems dedicated to each sculpture, showing a deep understanding of the sensitivity, power and passion behind her creations. She exposes the city, its light, its shadows, its observation of slick operators and the crazy lives of affluent professionals who live in shrouds of loneliness.

The Glass Fantasy is a beautiful world about nature and philosophy that exists in Lu Chi’s imagination. It’s colorful, brilliant, and fragile as the glass itself. After 17 years working with glass, she has already mixed the reality with her fantasy, her glass. Most of the time, she would like to live in her glass wonderland, watching the world through the glass.

As an artist from China, each of Lu Chi’s glass sculptures is a symphonic poem in glass dedicated to the spirit of China. She is not only inspired by the inner tensions of her city’s modernity and magnetism, but also enjoys the natural landscape and wonderful history of her country. Her sculptures are reveries of architectural design, urbanization, and sophisticated lifestyle. At the same time, the work forges a fresh aesthetic that reconciles her Chinese heritage and international experience.

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