LuChi Glass Studio was started in 2007, after Lu Chi returned to Shanghai from the U.S. She had the first personal glass art studio in Mainland China. The studio was nominated as the Master Studio Project of the Shanghai Government in 2015, and was the first Master Glass Studio in Shanghai.

The studio now encompasses 240 square meters of floor space, on two floors. It has all equipment needed for large-scale kiln-casting, and also space for more delicate cold work. A lamp working room will be ready soon.

Lu Chi’s glass technique is a long process that combines lost-wax-kiln-casting with multiple cold-work processes. Her love of glass and of the various processes she employs, has carried her through 17 years of traveling through new territory. Her work has become more than just processing glass; she draws out the hidden dimensions in the glass. Lu Chi’s more contemplative approach to the work leads the viewer to a more calm and thoughtful place in this too-busy world.

Lu Chi has developed the techniques and tools that are unique to her work. In Lu Chi’s work, the glass is the medium; the creation process gives them meaning. As Lu Chi keeps working on new techniques and exploring the world of glass, the possibilities are endless.

Lu Chi_Master Studio Of Glass Art_Showroom A_1280x713
Lu Chi_Master Studio Of Glass Art_Workshop A_1280x713
Lu Chi_Master Studio Of Glass Art_Inspiration Room A_1280x713
Lu Chi_Master Studio Of Glass Art_Coldwork Room A_1280x713

I like encountering the unexpected surprises that challenge my thinking and physical strength at the studio, ultimately surprising myself. I prefer to work alone. The solitude allows me to distill my thoughts and plan, and enjoy the time I spend with my glass.



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