Lu Chi enjoys the challenge of both large-scale sculpture and tiny delicate version at her studio, because the switch of the proportion let she feel her energy and power in glass. Her work has always been deliberately beautiful, enigmatic and sensitive. She encourages people viewing her works to develop his or her own personal response mechanisms and feel the energy and power in the glass.

LuChi is a glass art jewelry brand derived from Lu Chi’s contemporary glass sculptures. The artist takes her large glass sculptures and turns them into pieces of wearable art. Each mini glass sculpture has the name and a story to tell. Like the big piece of art, it has its own spirit. The strong story behind it may inspire the one who really appreciate it. These stories are a reflection of their values and expression of their inner beauty. Wearing such delicate art works make you feel inspired and enriched. Each piece was handmade at LuChi Master Studio of Glass.

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